Curb Color Selection
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The base color of cement determines color range, and like all natural materials, variation is normal in concrete. Actual job site results may vary.


(To the right are a few color samples to use as a reference. Click the image for more detailed color choices.)


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We offer the following shapes:
  • 6X4 Undercarriage
  • 6X4 Mower Edge
  • 6X4 Slant
  • 6X4 Round
Mold Patterns-

Xtreme Custom Curbing
offers several design patterns.  We can help complement the style of your home to your landscaping.  Concrete landscape borders create instant curb appeal that will be noticed and envied.
Small Running Bond
Small Running Bond
Specialty Options are available - Contact us for details
  • Belgium Block
  • Walkway
  • Rain Drain
  • Fleur de Lis  / Cross stamps