All of our equipment is self-propelled and lawn friendly. The mold machine produces and extrudes its own formed concrete border so there is no longer any form work.


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Ground Preparation

Ground preparation is completed utilizing a noninvasive sod cutter and shovels.
The trench is usually cut 2” deep and 10” wide.

After sod is removed, a base is built to support the curb.



Our trailer houses a mixer and all mixing is done on site.


This helps ensure the color, consistency and long term durability of the concrete landscape borders.


We also add fiber mesh and other additives to minimize shrinkage, which produces cracks.



Depending on the style of edging selected, molds are attached to the machine to create the shape. The machine easily handles straight lines or gentle curves.



Finishing touches are done with hand tools.



Designs are added using a roller or stamp.

Expansion Joints


Concrete landscape borders—like any other type of concrete—can and will crack.

We mitigate and control cracking by cutting expansion joints every 3 feet.



The final process in installing concrete landscape borders is to apply a clear sealer to preserve color and protect the curbing from the sun.



Drain pipes are inserted in the concrete to aid in drainage.

Sod laying, sprinkler system and landscaping work can begin 48 hours after installation.